Get in on the Post Season!

The sponsored Beta launch of Scoreboard Bingo begins this 2017 Post Season.

Get Registered

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Scoreboard Bingo can be played by anyone at anytime. Venues can set up games in seconds and players can be ready for the first pitch. Winners are tracked and managed in-app so no oversight or maintenance of the game is required.

Customer Loyalty

Sponsored Venues will have custom leaderboards for the entire season and will be featured in the location-services based search for users. Customers will compete for top rankings on the leaderboards!!

Longer Visits

With 4 winning combinations of increasing rarity, users will be staying till the 9th inning regardless of the score. This means more drinks, more food and a lot more fun. Once you get them in the door, people stay to play.


The Scoreboard Bingo app is free to download! Upon creating a game, a free card will be provided and additional cards can be purchased for .99 cents or 3 for only $1.99! The app handles all the logic to monitor plays, validate user input and declare the winners. The venues are able to focus on service and fun, not the game.

Social Sharing

With planned social media sharing, users can share, like, and promote Sponsosred Venues in-app. All users will be able to register with the app via Facebook to increase social media reach and networking.