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Scoreboard Bingo in REAL TIME!

Scoreboard Bingo is a interactive sports bingo game played in REAL TIME to the plays and actions that take place during a live Major League Baseball Game. Players open the Scoreboard Bingo game app and select the date sensitive game. The player then receives a free digital game card populated with a random variety of plays that typically take place during a regular MLB game. The Scoreboard Bingo app was created to serve three purposes.

  1. Enhance the sports fans experience of the game by creating a friendly competition between friends or bar patrons.
  2. Create a FREE tool for sports bars to use to keep their customers engaged in the game being viewed on the TV's in their bar.
  3. Create a fun & interactive fundraising platform to help raise revenue and awareness for a variety of charity organizations that we feel passionate about.
Application iPhone Screenshots — Baseball Game in Lees Summit, MO

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App Reviews:

Scoreboard Bingo Jan 30, 2018
Mendy Y.
I downloaded the Scoreboard Bingo app during the 2017 MLB playoffs and was able to play a free card to every game including the world series and it made watching the baseball games even more fun as I was rooting for the plays that I needed to happen in the game. A lot easier interactive game than fantasy baseball, for sure!